Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Have a Little OCD.

No you don't. You have quirks, which makes you a carbon-based life form. I figured this was a great way to start off my blog; telling a little more about the screaming in my head. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which is what one has when the normal flow of serotonin is blocked in the brain. I do NOT have the new trendy condition that explains away the reasons we're annoying. I've decided to not bring my condition up in initial face to face encounters any more. It is all too often countered by "Oh, I have that a little bit". Really? Is that like kind of having cancer? You came down with a touch of the AIDS? You're able to flippantly mention the disorder that steals hours from me every day of my life and then makes the remaining hours a constant painful struggle? Well, I hope that all works out for you. Luckily, you only have that a little bit. Your brain cells suddenly remember (more often than not ) to not reuptake your healthy levels of serotonin and let it fly from synapse to synapse. This is not going to be an angry blog (necessarily) but hopefully a place where I may express myself clearly instead of getting tied up when trying to speak in person. One of the worst parts of OCD is being forced to do irrational things knowing full well that they don't make any sense; leading to high, concentrated levels of embarrassment. I would also like a place to express my views on a myriad of issues; not to try to persuade anyone to my side, but to at least explain where I am coming from so you don't hate me as much. But if you still do, it's ok. You're kind of a dick anyway.


  1. I look forward to continued entertaining rants.

  2. Oh I love it when I read a blog and it tells me I'm a dick right off. No mincing words here. Now we can be honest with each other!!

    Just FYI, I've never been one of those people that says I have OCD OR CDO... bet you love THAT one too huh?

    Thanks for leaving me a comment. I'd take it at face value, but unfortunately I HAVE met you and thus have to idea if you're being truthful or merely facetious. Either way... Welcome to the circle!!