Friday, February 11, 2011


I'll bet Barack has really good bedside manner. Personally, I find it comforting that we have a president that cares enough for us that he will come to our house to heal us when we are ill. AND that he won't charge us too much. I'm not really sure how he'll find the time to be a good doctor when he has to spend all that time maintaining his sniper rifle and finding fresh sagebrush for his helmet. This is how I assume he'll be operating as leader of the Death Squads. I don't know how we missed this during the elections, though, since it is so similar to Hitlercare. But I get all of my information from my neighbor, Jim, and I guess he forgot to mention it. I know he had his reasons for it, I trust Jim. He watches Glen Beck, like, EVERY night.


  1. bwa ha ha ha!!! Sounds like my Dad and his Bill O'Reiley.

  2. They wouldn't let it be on television if it wasn't true, right?

  3. He's probably using HIV tipped ammo too, like this lady was talking about

  4. Glen Beck is a prophet you know

  5. One of my students came up to me after giving his presentation in class, genuinely frightened.
    Student: "Professor, are you going to give me a bad grade for quoting Glenn Beck in my presentation?"
    Me: "What have I said about saying nice things about him in my class?"
    Student: "Don't do it."
    Me: "I think you have your answer" (as I also mutter 'retard' under my breath.
    Student: "What did you call me."
    Me: "A retard."
    Student: "Oh," dipping his head in shame.