Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Political Definition

I've always felt secure in the fact that I know what I believe politically and that those beliefs are what is defined as liberal. But then I was grocery shopping yesterday and realized that instead of jellied fruit, I prefer a jam made of stewed whole fruit in sugar. I have also recently gone to great lengths to make sure we use less water in our home and create less trash. Am I really a Conservative? Then I did my taxes and noticed that my charitable contributions were actually quite generous considering my paltry income. Within minutes of this discovery, my children asked me for some toast with Nutella. Although this ambrosiac spread is costly, I love my kids and therefore put a large portion on each slice. Ok then, I'm Liberal. But.... I have green eyes and my heritage is mostly Irish, should I ally myself to the Green Party? I am also, in theory, a grown man who feels that he can make his own decisions and wear big boy pants. So I guess that I'm a Libertarian. If any person reading this has a degree in political science, please help me with my definitions as I fear that I MIGHT be a little off in my understanding. My time for musing is short as I've just told my 2 year old that I will attend her Tea Party.

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  1. Will you be drinking her tea and enjoying yourself, or dumping it down the toilet while smashing the little plastic cups and burning the table. Once you have the answer to that question you might have a better grasp of these concepts as well as a better idea of where you fall in the political spectrum. I mean, I'm no political science expert, but I am a film critic, so...